Crush your Goals in 2024 at our NEW coworking space in Chestnut Hill

Alexander Den Heijer said it best “When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower“. Your environment is EVERYTHING and we just took over a hidden gem in Chestnut Hill.

Kismet Cowork brings together a community of creators and innovators all across Philadelphia for a new approach to productivity. We’re offering cutting-edge Coworking Offices that serve entrepreneurs, startups, remote workers, and freelancers across our city. We provide cutting-edge amenities and flexible membership plans that can meet the needs of any work schedule.

Whether you’re self employed or work remotely, at Kismet you will not just be sharing space but also ideas, knowledge, and experience. Being welcomed into the engaged Kismet Community, you will expand your opportunities for business development and collaboration. Kismet provides a social network and relevant programming that will inspire you and set you up for success. Whether you work solo or on a team, all members gain a silent confidence knowing that there is always access to the potential for interactions and growth within our community.

We are offering 1 month FREE for all new members who sign up by 12/31/23 – Click here to book your tour today